Engine 98

In 2006 the Western Broome County Fire Departments consisting of East Maine, Maine, Endicott, Endwell, West Endicott, West Corners, and Union Center initiated the Engine 98 program. This initiative, designed after a program running in Onondaga County, was initiated to compensate for the diminishing number of volunteers available during the weekday daytime hours. The program, places a "On Duty" Engine staffed with at least four (4) Firefighters between 7am and 5pm Monday through Friday in one of the department stations. This engine responds to all fire related calls within the all participating department districts.

The goal was to reduce the response times and ultimately getting an engine crew on scene of incidents quicker, to minimize threat to Life and Property during daytime hours when volunteer firefighters are often unavailable.

This program has proven itself on several different occasions and is a success story many neighboring departments have shared as they develop similar initiatives.

The East Maine Fire Company